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The Grand Tour of the 21st century 

The visionary Grand Tour: München – Paris – London – New York

With the third act of the Mercedes Trilogy*, the artist Günther Siraky wants to complete an art project which is unparalleled in the world.
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The artwork
The third act of the Mercedes Trilogy, the visionary Grand Tour, is meant to complete the route of the historic Grand Tour. The plan is to drive the artwork, the Mercedes, from Munich to other historic cities of art and exhibit it in front of eight of the most famous museums in the world.

Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich,
Centre Pompidou / Louvre, Paris,
Tate Modern / National Gallery, London,
New Museum of Contemporary Art / Solomon Guggenheim Museum /
Museum of Modern Art / Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The artwork:  Until now, the Mercedes is the only work of art that has been exhibited on the three most important contemporary art exhibitions in the world:

documenta 12
sculpture projects Muenster 07
52. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte La Biennale di Venezia

The Grand Tour: Günther Siraky is the first artist who travels the historic Grand Tour, which is considered to be the mother of all art tours, with a work of art.

The Mercedes Trilogy:
As a worldwide unique art project the Mercedes Trilogy links the history, the modern and the vision of art and travel.



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