The visionary Grand Tour / Grand Tour Dates

“Travelling in an art object to various art objects turns the work of art into a completed work of art“. 

The Idea:

Travelling in an art object to art exhibitions in order to combine past and modernity of art history.

The inspiration:

Following the original idea of the historic Grand Tour when travelling was a work of itself.

The aim:

Travelling to the historic places of the Grand Tour as well as to its epoche making and contemporary buildings and artworks to complete the historical Grand Tour Route.

Pinakothek der Moderne – Centre Pompidou – Louvre (Paris) – Tate Modern National Gallery (London) – New Museum of Contemporary Art – Solomon Guggenheim Museum – Museum of Modern Art – Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

Something special:

The art Mercedes is put on public display by eight of the most important museums in the world. 

The Vision:

At the end of the tour the work of art shall support children, who grow up in an environment of war, poverty and violence. 
All earnings created during the course of the visionary Grand Tour and the sale of the work of art will be donated to charities which aim at ending the recruitment and the use of child soldiers and work for their rehabilitation.

The visionary Grand Tour * extends over approximately 3500 km and takes me through Germany, France, England and the United States. 
*detailed information can be found on the Mercedes Trilogy

The Grand Tour Dates*

26.06.:                           Exhibition in Munich (Pinakothek der Moderne)

26. / 27.06.:                   Munich – Paris

28.06.:                           Exhibition in Paris

29.06.:                           Exhibition in Paris (Centre Pompidou)

30.06.:                           Exhibition in Paris (Musee du Louvre)

1.07.:                             Paris – London

2.07.:                             Exhibition in London

3.07.:                             Exhibition in London (Tate Modern)       

4.07.:                             Exhibition in London (National Gallery)

5.07.:                             Exhibition in London

6. / 7.07. :                      London – Bremerhaven

8. – 22.07.:                     Bremerhaven  – New York

24.07. – 25.08.:              Exhibition in New York (New Museum of Contemporary Art –                                      Solomon Guggenheim Museum – Museum of Modern Art –                                      Metropolitan Museum of Art)

26.08. – 10.09.:              New York – Bremerhaven

* When it starts to rain the artwork must be immediately covered with a tarpaulin. Due to the unpredictability of the Grand Tour can cause postponements. These will be provided where possible on facebook known

Actually information:


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