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Günther Siraky was born in Reutlingen, in the south of Germany, on September 18, 1962. He is a trained educationalist and has been working as a freelance artist for several years. At the beginning he focused primarily on the artistic treatment of basic commodities. His aim was to give them a different face without depriving it of their function.
It is part of his artistic development that his work is now moving from the mere creation of a single object towards the creation of an art project.
The focus is on artistic engagement with social issues that move him personally. Here he is particularly concerned with issues affecting children.  Dependent on time and inspiration, more attractive projects are in the planning stage or in progress.
Today, Günther Siraky lives in Munich and alongside his artistic career he works as a social worker.

What is important to him:
“Do not forget the people who live on the dark side, as it is a gift from God to be able to experience the world from a more privileged side. Influenced by my Christian faith, I am committed to people from poorer regions of the world. Alongside my passion for football there is enough room in my life for creativity and vision. I put this into my artistic ideas, without ever having had any professional training in this area.”

Günther Siraky
Günther Siraky
Oberfeldstraße 94
82110 Germering (Munich)

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